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The International Boundaries Series | Book 3: Something Desired by C.R. Misty

Chapter 1 Nice Guys
Here we are you and me. My words on the page as you take them in, digest them and form your opinions. I am surprised and to be quite honest shocked but in another breath am thankful that you have been with me and taken the time to read a cheater's side of a story, my story. I needed to confide in you. I am a liar and an adulteress and don't deserve the life that I have. I admit that. What's the saying, nice guys always finish last? It seems that way. This world seems to be full of liars and the better you are at it, it seems the more successful you become. Pretend, act and lie. I smile through my teeth to the onlookers, faking my supposed perfect life but I know that you see through it. All of that has gotten me everything that I have wanted, my marriage, my secret lover, my baby and my publishing deal which stemmed from a memoir of lies.

I sit here on the sofa and gaze out the window to see the light, cotton like snowflakes fall from the sky here at my hom…

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